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Gray - MIB by Hydromancerx Gray - MIB by Hydromancerx

The Grays are real, but not from another planet. They are indeed from Earth and are multiverse travelers. They happen to live in a timeline where dinosaurs never died out. But they enjoy visiting our alternate timeline in which humans live and abducted them in their multiversal ships. Their testing base happened to be in the location on their Earth where Roswell, NM is on our Earth. Thus the 1947 crash was indeed their 1st attempt at multiverse travel that went extremely wrong. Earth's governments are helpless to these invaders since their technology far exceeds our own. We are merely lab rats in the eyes of the Grays.

Their culture is is very strange in comparison to humans. They not only do not care to wear clothing but are completely carnivorous. However they are not savage. They will raise small mammals for meat and egg laying dinosaurs for eggs. They are very inquisitive and love to figure out things. Their large skulls support a brain larger than humans. Their huge eyes can see in the dark very well. This is important since they are nocturnal. This is one reason why abduction happen mostly at night.

They have feathers like birds and are warm blooded. They lay eggs and put them in incubators. Females run things in society since they are bigger and more aggressive. The males are more colorful with bright blue feathers. They even do odd mating rituals like birds would with chirps and puffing out their chests.

Since their eyes are different from humans they use a neutralizer to wipe the minds of their subjects. They tend to look down at mammals and think they are inferior since they tend to eat their relatives for lunch. They also enjoy abducting livestock for an exotic snack.

As you can see they evolved from the raptor dinosaurs, specifically the Troodon. They lost most of their tail and snout but still have some claws even thought they are not used too much. They still have sharp teeth and have a huge brain. Their bones are quite brittle since they were once agile hunters. They still have the agility but must make sure they do not get hurt and break a bone.

When they make sounds they can make hypersonic sounds that humans cannot hear. This makes it seem like they are communicating via telepathy but really they are not. In short they are not little green men in the UFOs it is little gray dinosaurs!
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tyyrson Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
whats that thing in it hand
Hydromancerx Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014
An MIB Neuralizer.
Traheripteryx Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Interesting theory!

Seems plausible!

Chrestovenator Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012
I like how your brain works man, largely because it's very similar to how my own does! The entire backstory behind my science-fiction universe revolves around the fact that vaguely humanoid dinosaurs from an alternate timeline entered our past 30 m.y.a. and terraformed planets throughout our galaxy, then jumped forwards to 2.5. m.y.a. to check out what happened with all their ecosystems and "tweak" them as they saw fit. The many types of "reptilian alien" reported today are supposed to represent different descendents of those ancient terraformers. Those critters are totally different from "the greys", though, which in my fiction are kept mysterious on purpose and have about half-a-dozen explanations for their origins that no one can agree on or prove. The Saurosapiens are also ornithischian rather than theropod, but that's just 'cause *everyone* makes their Saurosapiens descended from troodonts and I wanted to be special =P .

I really like this drawing, but... that's not an anal probe he's holding, is it? Are our separate openings really *that* fascinating to these cloaca-bearers? ;)
SylverRaptor Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Hm... I more likely think about, that dinosaurs never really died out. They're just gone from Earth. The so called "aliens" took them, to let mammals to evolve further more. But that's just a theory.
Giggarex Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2009
Is their any chance I can use a head similar to that?
I need to ask this on serious terms because I don't want to take any ideas from you yet I also can't say I am going to credit everything. I can do that on DA but I am writing a book (not to be published until the plot and characters can be created) and although I want to credit every sing inspiration I can't do that in a book. So I need to know how similar is to similar. I know of several saurian sentient skulls like this guy but this one stand out to me.
Whatever answer I still say:
Hydromancerx Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2009
Well basically its just a mixture of a generic "Gray" with a "Dinosauroid". As long as you are not using my drawing directly then I am ok with it.
Giggarex Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2009
Thank you. I already managed to have some crediting issues and I didn't want to make more.
Gepetto887 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2009  Professional Writer
That's actually very interesting...

And now I wish I had thought of it first... XD

Robert Mason
Lig28 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2008
Oooo cools. This definitely should have been something on the show. I love the concept of it. Nice job.
TFhybrid Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2008
reminds me of the chupacabra
froggy-hicks Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cool description, hes very cute :)
generalley-cool Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2007
Very unoriginal, but nice redesign and story ^^
Putting those gamingsteve hours to good use, eh?

Your style still rock though
Hydromancerx Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2007
That was because it was for a thing on Gaming Steve where they wanted evolved dinosaurs. And this is what i put.
stegosaur3 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2007
Very cool concept!!!
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